Chennai Relief Update

Thanks to everyone for coming forward to donate for Chennai Relief. To simply put it in terms of magnitude - this is the "Hurricane Katrina" of Chennai. The situation is so bad for the last 3-4 days - no power, no drinking water, entire city flooded - crores and crores worth of damage. In all likelihood majority of the people have lost their entire life savings - in terms of their homes, personal belongings etc. 
A few hundred lives have been lost and the count has been kept to a minimum - because of the great spirit, comradery and care for soceity shown by "People of Chennai" and the entire Indian fraternity living in India and overseas in coming out to help the people of Chennai. We at Dishaa are working with Sri Aruonodayam - run by Mr.Iyyapan Subramanian in the relief efforts. Mr.Iyyapan and his team
->With help of Volunteers prepare 8000-10,000 food packet per day
->Identify and distribute it to the worst affected areas
->Provide grocery supplies (Rice,Dal,water and other essentials) for individual families

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